Dreams Brown AKA Focus

Dreams aka focus

Born October 7 1986 in Kingston Jamaica

Also Known as Marvin Brown, 'DREAMS BROWN' was born in
 Kingston Jamaica, Where he grew up with his mom, (His parents were separated).
He came to Canada to live with his father at the age of 9. During that time he had many
 dreams of being the best he came be at everything, but wanted to be great an one thing. This path lead
 him to music where is found joy in creating sounds and songs which shows he perspective on the world.
Dreams wants to share his thoughts and music with the world. He had a passion for dancing as well,
but even then dreams wanted more out of music because he truly be love how it brought him joy through his life. Dreams Brown finished high school and got his college degree but his heart was elsewhere.

He started rapping at the age of 18 but wasn't as serious about it until he got inspired
by (DND) artist Captain Hooks. He told him dreams can happen if you really want them to,
realizing that any one who loves what they do can be whoever they want to be. Dreams
became so focused on being one of the best rapper the world as ever seen.

After years of performances alongside many different artist from all over the world,
 dreams brown decides to partner up with young music records to further his music career.
 He feels the label understands where he’s coming from and his situation. In 2015 going through some rough times, finding out his little brother was taken from him at a young age he became more focus to make is dreams happen knowing life is short.

This became the drive he needed to push him to the level. With his release of TAKE OFF
RISE TO SUCCESS and Upcoming Mixtape  ALL OR NOTHING for dreams brown this is just the beginning.
Chase The Dream

Tour Dates Coming Soon!